HVMI - Ghana

H*VMI missionaries in Ghana are national workers who have established a variety of programs for people affected by disability, poverty and other life challenges. In addition to regular, weekly ministries including a residential program and vocational training, H*VMI Ghana conducts camps for people with disabilities. Visitors to H*VMI Ghana will experience effective outreach programs first-hand and be able to take experiences into other international ministry settings.

We were able to partner with H*VMI Ghana to bring leadership skills and communication techniques to develop team building, effective decision making and enhancements of the great work they are doing.

Global Abilities

The Global Abilities Foundation (GAF) seeks to increase cultural understanding and provide resources to help persons with disabilities become independent productive members of society across the globe. By providing education, assistive technology and adaptive tools, and instilling motivation by focusing on ability rather that disability, we empower individuals to excel in school, work, and social life.

We were able to help with the process of legal trademarking to ensure their protection of infringement from other organizations.

King of Prussia Players

The King of Prussia Players is a 501 (c) (3) charitable educational corporation organized for the purposes of promoting and advancing the fine and performing arts and creating a thriving cultural community throughout the Greater King of Prussia area.

SOARing is continuing to work with KOPP to help develop an infrastructure to help decentralize decision making and provide greater opportunities for grants and special project funding.